New website: No worries, I’ll still keep!

My name is Megan van der Elst, a 23 year old girl from the Netherlands. I love to spend my time to photograph all kind of different things. What I love the most in pictures is the out of focus elements, in other words bokeh! Can’t get enough of that! The Canon 50mm F/1.4 is by far my favorite lens, because that lens has it all when it comes to bokeh. I also photograph my guinea pig Booboo a lot, I think she’s quite photogenic! The place where I mostly take (still life) pictures is my garden, there’s enough space, a lot of different sceneries. Photography isn’t the only thing I love to do, photo editing is something what I love just as much! Thank you for vitisting my website, hope you enjoy!

*lieveheersbeestje means ladybug in Dutch